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We know that hiring through a recruitment agency can be expensive, but it’s even more expensive to hire the wrong person and have to start again. You can try our job advertising service for free, as we only charge introduction fees when you hire one of our candidates. Our rebate scheme means you can be confident that you’ll get value for money out of every hire.

We’ll find you the right person, first time.

Our Fee Structure

Permanent Recruit: Level 1


For salaries of up to £34,999. Payable on successful hiring of candidate. Fee is 15% of gross annual package taking into account benefits such as accommodation and car. Rebate terms apply.

Permanent Recruit: Level 2


For salaries over £35,000. Payable on successful hiring of candidate. Fee is 18% of gross annual package taking into account benefits such as accommodation and car. Rebate terms apply.

Cost Comparison

Recruitment costs can seem a lot when looked at as a lump sum, and it’s tempting to go it alone to save money. However, our comparison chart shows how competitive our fees are. As well as saving you money, using an experienced hospitality recruiter makes hiring stress-free and straightforward, allowing you to concentrate on using your skills and expertise more effectively. We estimate we save the average client around 42 hours of time – what could you achieve in just over a week?

Small business accountants Accounts and Legal go further and their study of the secret costs of replacing your staff in SMEs shows the cost is actually £11,000 including interview time and onboarding, etc. Again, we can take care of this if needed. As we look beyond CVs to how the candidate will fit in to your business long term, we can offer training to ensure the perfect candidate also comes with the perfect skills.

Total CostDIY: £4,378.00
TWG: £3,833.40
It is cheaper to recruit through TWG Consultancy than DIY. On top of that, we can provide better candidates than DIY recruitment and save you up to 42 hours of your time.
Writing Job SpecDIY: 2 hours / £200
TWG: £0
We can use a job spec you have written or we can develop one for you based on what you describe to us. That means you can just sign it off and not have to spend time writing it.
Listing the JobDIY: 1 hour / £100 & £178
TWG: £0
One hour of setting up the listings and then a fee based on the cost of listing the job advert across two sites such as Reed.com.
MarketingDIY: 3 hours / £300
TWG: £0
In order to attract candidates good marketing is needed. We have access to thousands of candidates so we can market it to the best.
ScreeningDIY: 24 hours / £2,400
TWG: £0
Average screening time for SMEs in the UK according to a study. We will do all this for you to narrow it down to the right few.
Initial CallsDIY: 12 hours / £1,200
TWG: £0
Initial calls can take up to an hour, to narrow it down to three interviewees it can take 12 hours of your time.
Recruitment FeeDIY: £0
TWG: £3,833.40
On average, recruiters in the hospitality industry across the UK would charge around £5111.20 for a salary such as this.
Assumptions: Job salary is UK hospitality average (£25,556p/a) and your time and expertise is valued at £100p/h

The right person, guaranteed

We’re confident that our screening and training process will get you the right person for your job. So much so, we offer a rebate scheme for all roles placed through us.

If an agreement is terminated by either party within 8 weeks of the date of commencement (including the notice period) we’ll refund part of the introduction fee as follows:

Period of EmploymentRebate
Up to 2 weeks100% (less £250 administration fee)
2-4 weeks50%
4-8 weeks25%
8 or more0%

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